The NPDF Creates an Accountable Mechanism to Contribute to the NPU

  • First, the primary purpose of the NPDF is to gather financial contributions for the NPU. Beyond minimal administrative expenses, all contributions will go strictly to the NPU and its guards.
  • Second, the NPDF is administratively tied to the NPU. The Chairman of the NPU’s Military Committee is a permanent member of the NPDF and may veto any decision of the NPDF.
  • Third, we are formally registered under the U.S. Foreign Agent Registration Act as agents for the foreign principals of the Nineveh Plain Protection Units and the Assyrian Democratic Movement. As a result we will be regularly publicly declaring our activities.
  • Fourth, all contributions will be specifically tracked and tied to specific and known purposes with known costs.
  • Fifth, our board members take no salary and we have no administrative staff. Our only expenses will be what will be necessary to raise and transfer money to the NPU and to comply with all relevant laws in so doing.
  • Sixth, while we will certainly advocate for our cause and for support to the NPU, lobbying is not our primary purpose.  Thus, we will not spend any money for political contributions nor for the hiring of political lobbyists.

What Your Contributions Support

Contributions to the NPU via the NPDF shall support:

  • Stipends for part-time reservists to augment our full-time force.
  • Non-munitions equipment and supplies.
  • Base infrastructure.

The Legality of Giving to the NPU

The NPDF prioritizes compliance with all US law.  The NPDF secured legal counsel from a former inspector general in the US Department of Defense to guide our policies and procedures.  To summarize our legal findings and procedures:

  • It is legal to provide financial donations to the NPU since Iraq is not a country generally under special scrutiny at this time and the NPU is not listed on the US Specially Designated Nationals list.
  • Our contributions will go strictly for non-munitions support at this time. We currently will not be engaging in the export of arms or brokering in the trade of weapons. These activities require special licensing by the State Department.
  • We will employ strict policies and procedures to track all money transfers to their end purpose so as to avoid any after-the-fact concerns that we have engaged in the export or brokering of arms.
  • We have met with officials at the State Department and fully communicated our intentions. The State Department brought no specific legal concerns of our plan to our attention and observed that our plans, as implemented, would not fall under their jurisdiction for review or approval.

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Summary of our lawyer’s findings


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