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Authorization of the Nineveh Plain Defense Fund

Our preparations to form a regular military force that both represents and secures our people in the Nineveh Plain have been underway for well over a year. This is pursuant to the mission and purpose of the NPU: to play an integral role in liberating the Nineveh Plain and then to permanently secure the Nineveh Plain as the regular security force of the territory in accordance with all constitutional, legislative and regulatory frameworks following the defeat of ISIS and the resumption of the political process to create the Nineveh Plain Province.

The basic infrastructure of the NPU’s primary base in the Nineveh Plain will be completed soon. One battalion of the NPU is stationed at the base while 2 other units of the NPU are already deployed in the northern Nineveh Plain, positioned to contribute in the fight against ISIS. Fulfillment of the conditions for full authorization under the Iraqi National Security Forces system is complete.

The NPU’s progress reflects our determination to enable our People to return to their homes, reclaim their lands and properties and to entrench our presence in our Homeland. As we continue to train, expand recruitment, and further prepare for the responsibility of securing the Nineveh Plain after the defeat of ISIS we appeal to our People wherever they may be living, but especially those in Diaspora, to support the NPU. Your support will allow us to field more soldiers in the NPU, who are better prepared and provided for, as they fulfill the one central mission of maintaining the claim of our People to our Homeland and especially the Nineveh Plain.

The NPU wishes to clarify key matters about our structure. The NPU is only represented by its leadership in Iraq. Command of the force and all decisions taken in pursuit of the NPU’s mission are taken in Iraq by its leadership which is fully based in Iraq. The NPU has never formally appointed official spokespersons outside of Iraq. In order to fully standardize support, the NPU authorizes the creation of the Nineveh Plain Defense Fund (NPDF). The NPDF is legally registered in the US to manage the official efforts for supporting the NPU. All support channeled through the NPDF goes directly to the NPU in full accordance with US law and is used to address the NPU’s most urgent needs.

The NPU would like to state that any national organization from our Chaldean Syriac Assyrian people, or other communities, wanting to support us directly and stand by the NPU to enhance our capacity to fight ISIS, is welcomed.

In conclusion, we believe in the ability of our People to stay and confront ISIS and we look forward to the day when we completely retake the Nineveh Plain and city of Mosul; there is no force that can put an end to the existence of our People and sever us from our roots in Mesopotamia.

Yacoob Yaco
Chairman of the NPU Military Committee
Nineveh Plain Protection Units

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