Support the NPU

Your Contributions Directly Support the NPU

Contribute at any level, and all contributions are tax deductible for US residents.  Your contribution, whether as an individual or a member of a team, will directly support the NPU. Monies will go to our NPU General Fund for the following purposes:

  • Non-munitions equipment and supplies
  • Base and security infrastructure, such as the development of checkpoints
  • Training of volunteer reservists
You may support the NPU
  • As an individual, or
  • As a member of a team:
    • Teams require a team leader to gather and identify team members.
    • Team leaders must register their team and team members in advance.
    • Individual team members submit contributions individually.
    • The NPDF tracks contributions made on a team’s behalf.
Reporting of contributions for either individuals or teams
  • May be public or anonymous.
  • Team leaders designate the reporting status for their teams.
  • Teams may report in one of three ways:
    • At the team and member level.
    • At the team level only.
    • Completely anonymously.
  • Individuals may contribute apart from their team with a different reporting status by making a separate contribution as an individual without designating their team status.
Contributions may be provided
  • In monthly installments for one year, or
  • For the full amount all at once.
All Contributions are Tax Deductible for US Residents


  Monthly For 12 Months Single Contribution
Corporal $12.50 $150
Sergeant $25 $300
Lieutenant $75 $900
Captain $150 $1,800
Major $300 $3,600
Colonel $600 $7,200
General $900 $10,800

* All dollars in USD.

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